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[ Saturday, August 02, 2003 ]

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If you can't blog when your pissed what's the point! At least I said a few things that may be normal sober (DJ) Tim wouldn't have said - (Oh God I did didn't I). Having said that that it's 04:30 now - I've had a barney with the wife - and yes I'm drunk again!! But can I just say that there are gorgeous people out there - particularly one of our concierges (Tom) that I have just spent a long time chatting to. The only way that I can describe him is if you imagine Andy 30 years older. For those of you who don't know Andy think big fat bloater wearing an Iron Maiden T-shirt (Just kidding!!!!!) ;) (God I hate smiles)

Sid send his regards by the way. He had to rush off after the show - probably because he kept butting in and stealing the lime light from yours truly - but that's Sid.

Anyway our guest editorship is soon to be over, the loverly starbuck is coming back off holiday. Before I go and you all hear the final crackle, can I just love it up for a bit. (like I haven't already, but this time I'm serious)

For those that have stumbled across this site (Haven't you anything better to do!) I must just say that the author, not me, but the real one, namely starbuck, is - how do I describe him - well put it this way, I got married a year ago and I needed to have a best man - when I told my wife to be, who my best man was going to be she just looked at me, with glazed eyes and said thank you. This might sound strange, but my wife is a Kiwi and we were going to get married in NZ. What I actually said to her is that Andy/starsparkle will be my best man and that I would get him to NZ anyway I can. The reason that she was so happy was that she knew what Andy/starburst ment to me and that she wouldn't have been happy 'dragging' me to NZ to get married, if I couldn't have had my bestest pal by my side. So when I said, that no matter what, Andy/starwars will be my best man she was convinced that all would be fine.

Having said that......the day I asked Andy/strudel was fantastic and I will never forget it, because Andy/Seaweed was (well the only way I can describe it, is by saying that he was Andy, for those of you that know him will understand, for the others I'm sorry but there is nothing else to equate to the emotion and joy that went on)
but suffice to say everything was very very happy.

Let's cut to the chase.
Andy is ...... My best man
Andy is ...... the person that I would always turn to (after my wife)
Andy is ...... now with a girl that he deserves (and believe me I have high standards for my mate)
Andy is ...... one of the very few people that I would do anything for xx
Andy is ...... not going to let me write on his blog

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