Viper Squad Ten

[ Saturday, September 20, 2003 ]

Damian Hurst would be proud
DJ Tim [02:56] Comments: 0 []
How could anyone come up with a colour scheme like that. Get DJ Tim to tell you how to change the colours at once. Bring back the black. Sorry about the java games but to make them work with your old templates, a lot of frigging was needed (believe me) I might still have a copy of the games that will work with the new template (ie non bastardised version) but does anyone really want to play them???

Sorry, but my mind has moved on - try to keep up. It's wonderfully that Starbuckeroos blog is read by at least one Kiwi (Hello Tam) because in some ways it combines the two people that I love (her in doors and him in a space rocket). Although at this point I would like to include a link to a Courtney(sp?) Place (that's in Wellington, NZ, for all you non NZ'ers) web cam link but I don't have it at home; because it points directly at the main cinema where the premier of LOTR will be shown, and judging by what happened during the last couple of films it will be well worth a watch.

Finally I must say that I like the design a Tam's blog a lot and that my poor attempt with starbuckeroos pales into insignificance, but hay I'm a programmer not a designer so give us a break. S**t is that the time, I'm on air in 5 mins.

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