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[ Sunday, September 14, 2003 ]

DJ Tim Speaks crap
DJ Tim [02:21] Comments: 0 []
I must invade my dear starbuckeroo's blog to inform him and my good friend Stu of the situation I found myself in on Wednesday. Imagine the scene, One thousand CD's laid out on a table, all by unknown (that is unknown to me, despite being a DJ on Radio Waterloo!!!?!!????) artists, and you can buy them for 50p each. How is this possible I hear you ask; well since I work for a company that reviews music, we get sent everything that is ever released and every now and then we have a sale (for charity) of all the albums that we are sent, hence the table with the one thousand albums on. Well shall I tell you what I picked up (I hear the groaning of Stu 'It can't have been Queen, surely' (don't call me Shirley!!))

Well, to start with a complete shot in the dark that I am listing to at the moment, I got Euphoria 'White label Level 2, Mixed by John 00 Fleming - I like it a lot. The Blake Dog & Black Sifichi didn't go down so well with Mrs DJ Tim, but I thought it was alright. The very best of Paul Hardcastle double album was too good to miss (How has he managed to fill two albums????) Bellylicious was a mistake (Crap Indian music). Wheatus - well OK. Blue Man Group - thought they were the blue man group we saw in Las Vegas - but don't think so. Enigma - well it's Enigma so it's good. A three CD set of Mozart's best bits - fantastic (Starbuck and Stu that's classical music) And a couple that I haven't played yet - Lisa Marie Presley (got that for the misses) and Jose Nunez - Who da funk( No idea but liked the cover)

I'm sure that if Strabuckeroo or Stu are still reading they are tearing their hair out and are livid with me for picking up such a crap set of albums - Well all I can say is - I have a radio show and you don't!!!!!

BTW If you are wondering why I keep posting on Starbuckroo's blog at such unearthly hours it's because I've emigrated to NZ and it's actually a relatively healthy time of 3 in the afternoon.

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