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[ Saturday, September 27, 2003 ]

It's Friday night - that means DJ Tim
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Yo, Tim and Sid 'ere. Just finished our Friday night Radio Waterloo Show, thought we'd check in on the old Viper squadies. During our show, we some how managed to watch Pulp Fiction. It must be about the 30th time I've seen it but I still think it's fantastic - although having said that I haven't actually watched it for about 15 months - so it was about time for a re watch.

There's been loads of Revolutions (matrix) chat recently - but I have tried to ignore everything because as I said in a comment to a previous post, the film has been shown to the press. So stop reading anything about it now if you don't want it ruined, because there is going to be some bright spark out there who will pretend that he hasn't seen it, but has.

Fantastic info Richard Hill (English rugby player)(and for those that know, mate of la la) is a cousin on Peter Jackson!!!!

As for me well - stop this, it isn't my blog so no personal insights!! (for a change!)

Thanks Tam for that link to Courtney(sp?) Place. Surprised that an Auckland girl so freely promotes Wellington. ; ) It might sound silly, but that web cam meant so much to me earlier this year when my wife was over in NZ (due to her father being very ill). Although she was down in Invercargill, it meant so much to me, being able to see at least as far as a street in Wellington that I knew well; It made me feel that at least I was (sort of) in the same country as her.

Boring stuff follows:
Starbuckeroo is complaining about the speed of down load of his blog. I've run it through the analysers and they say on a 56K modem it should take a conservative 12 secs to download (takes about 7 for me) - which is a good speed. We took 3 months to bring teletext's web site down from 30 secs to 14 secs. The only thing I would say to you 'buckeroo, is ditch the images that don't download in the blog content (they'll slow thing's down). Images are the killer to download speeds (even small ones!).

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