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[ Wednesday, September 17, 2003 ]

Oh God it's him again
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I think Starbuckeroo's last post was beautiful. There is a certain thing that you only experience when you run for more than the usual 30 min get fit quick 30 min session. The only thing that I can equate it to is like meditation. You go through an experience where it just you and the constant pounding of your feet, giving you a beat; I'm sure that it causes Starbuckeroo's internal jukebox (not heard much mention of that recently??) go wild, but for myself it make me think about my life the universe and everything. (I know that's a Douglas Adams (RIP) book) but it sums up my thought process. Believe me I've solved all my 'problems' during a run. The only problem that I had was that training for a marathon, I ran so much that I pretty much sorted my head out, then I relied on the fantastic Radio 5 Live.

I say fantastic because it's my life blood. I'm a bit of an insomniac. You would have never guessed that from the times of my posts on this 'er blog. But I go to sleep every night listening to 5Live (I would do a link here, but surly you can work out to go to and follow the links) and it's the one thing that actually makes me want to go to bed (to sleep guys, to sleep, don't you start thinking anything about my wife). Is that sad? but I actually love listening to the late night chat on this fantastic radio show. It also give's me loads of Kiwi info to outstand my wife with (since they often interview kiwi's since they are still awake at that hour) the next day.

But to be serious, I'm writing this with a program about the latest gulf war on in the backgroumd. Not really watching it, but it makes me think - how superficial is all I've said. I'm speaking from a life that is well? - easy. No matter what you think about the pro's or con's of the war. When you watch the reality of the war you think s***. I challenge anyone who actually supported the war to go and actually experience it. No, that's stupid because you wouldn't. What I do challenge you to do is for a start, is to watch 'The Deer Hunter' - Once you've done that, then we will talk.

Anyway, I'm not sure that Starbuckeroo a) like's me calling him Starbuckeroo and b) Want's me spouting my insomnia crap on his blog. Well all I can say is that, in the words of Sid the sound man; 'ello Tim 'ere, Tim the talk crap man' Good night

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