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[ Saturday, October 04, 2003 ]

DJ Tim meets David Blfuckeraine
DJ Tim [23:32] Comments: 0 []
Excert from radio Waterloo (DJ Tim & DJ J visit David Blaine)

djTim: welcome listeners to a radio waterloo down at tower bridge , you are here with dj tim and dj mrs tim, and we're viewing the "richards" David Blaine.

firstly, we got Jane from tooting bec:

Dj Tim: Hello Jane what do you think of David Blaine:

J: Arrghhh, take that you bast***d

dj Tim: ahrrrg-ok looks like she's more interested in throwing eggs, than talking to radio waterloo

dj Tim : looks like we better move on , this is Dave from Chelsea: how is it going Dave ?

D: I'm (hic) ok and I love (hic) ok Blaine,

DJ Tim : Dave is obviously a richards, so lets move on , now we have Sharon , Hi , Sharon what do you think of David Blaine

Sharon : hee hee hee , is that a chat up line, hay I'm from Essex ,ok I'll do it,

DJ Tim: right moving on, finally, we have Pammy - (but as everyone else know her as Pamela Lee Anderson),
"How yoouuu dooing !!!!!!

DJ J: Hmmm , good interview techic, so can I get George Clooney in here , and I can ask him the same.


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