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[ Wednesday, October 29, 2003 ]

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, shut up Clare
DJ Tim [01:52] Comments: 0 []
Hay guys it's my birthday (and I'd cry if I want too, you would too if it happened to you)

The 28th of October has 3 famous dates, my birthday, Simon Le Bon's birthday and my wife's parents wedding anniversary. The first two deserve a party but unfortunately the last doesn't. My father in law died in January this year and as a result the 28th was a day when thoughts needed to be the other side of the world.

Not to be too personal, but I had a long chat with my mother in law and she's doing ok. I'm not going to convey the conversation (and I don't think I should) but she's doing ok, considering.

Which brings me back to flash mobs. If all those people that took part in the said flash mob, had decided to expend even half the effort on just being nice to someone, this city would be a nicer place. (Not that I'm bitter or anything)

As for Stuarts comment about the un-Christian sentence. Well I have too agree in parts but I did say usually.

Anyway this has been far too serious and for the usual readers of starbukeroo's blog I'm sure your more interested in my internal jukebox or dumping habits. Suffice to say no music and a good dump this morning.

I was going to end this here but I thought I would share this with you. - Although it was a battle against Samoa we won though - roll on the Welsh, French and the Kiwis.

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