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[ Saturday, October 11, 2003 ]

It's just a game - depends on the shape of the ball
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Well at the beginning of the week the was Blaine, Brown and Dibbo. One was stressed due to hunger (yea right), one was stressed due to an imminent Russian death (yea right) and the other was stressed due to a hideous work load (yea right, hey I'm doing this for you guys, you want to have a good teletext service on digital tv channels don't you?)

But then everything changed, well not completely Blaine was still a Rich...I mean Tosser; Brown was still ... well ... alive ... and Dibbo - well he had the rugby. It started on Monday - a small tingling sensation. Tuesday reading about how the latest training that was going. Wednesday the teams were announced. Thursday the nerves started to set in. Friday the off, the first game Oz against the Argies (thank God that we have TV's at work!) Great game (except what happened to David Griffin) Later today the men in black will humiliate the Italians, then the next day the boys in white will run out for the first time........ but before then we have a little game against the Turks, this time with a round ball.

No matter how much I love my rugby, when it comes to football....well that's what matters. I never dreamed as a kid of lifting the rugby world cup (yes I know it didn't exist then), I dreamed of scoring the winning goal in the world cup (football)(for Kiwi's Soccer) final for England. This game is more than just the qualification game for the Euro championships. There is a lot of bitterness involved and I don't believe it should be hidden. I'm not going to condone what the English hooligans do, but two years ago two Leeds supporters were stabbed to death by Turkish fans. Was any punishment given to Turkey for this action - No. I'm not claiming that we are by any means perfect, but there is one hell of a lot of difference between throwing a few glasses and turning up with knives.... and the using them. Nuff said.

Anyway roll on the 22nd November ... The New Zealand Vs England final. Whether my marriage lasts such a final is another thing, but the game will be one hell of a humdinger.

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