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[ Monday, October 27, 2003 ]

To flash or not to flash, unto the breach, Horatio
DJ Tim [17:50] Comments: 0 []
What is up with all this Flash mobbing and blogging? Is it just me or do other people think that there is nothing that is so pointless (and before anyone says anything, yes I know that's the point, which in fact means there is a point and hence it's not pointless) This weekend there was a flash mob at Covent Garden. A few hundred people turned up and walked round the square for a few minutes and then dispersed. Quite why this was called a flash mob I don't know, since several thousand tourists do exactly the same thing every day of the year. What's more strange, was that the BBC deemed this news worthy enough to include in their afternoon news.

The reality of it is, that it's got nothing to do with going against the establishment or other equally nihilistic ideals, but rather plain old exhibitionism. Would these people really do it, if no one took any notice? I think not. We live in a Pop Idol age where everyone all want to be famous. No one does anything for no reason and usually that reason is entirely selfish.

Rant over.

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