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[ Tuesday, October 21, 2003 ]

The Truth about David Blaine
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This was a on the Reuters news wire:
It has been established that the whole David Blain stunt in the box was in fact an illusion. Blaine's people utilised a little know device, first discovered in New Zealand, that can make people in the vicinity of the device believe that what they are seeing is true, even though it is obviously make believe. This device was first used by the tourist department of New Zealand to make people think that Mount Cook existed. Although it had teething problems to start with, which meant that they had to pump smoke (aka mist) to obscure the fact that the mountain did not exist. It soon became a major tourist attraction. Thousands of people went to Mount Cook to see the mountain (and believed that they had). They even drafted in famous Kiwi climbers (Sir Edmund Hillary) to say that they had in fact climbed this mountain that does not exist. Even today, tours of New Zealand still put Mount Cook as one of the star items on their literary.
In fact Blaine (David) has been in hiding in Watford for the duration of the 'stunt' only coming out to watch his favourite football team at Vicarage Road in disguise. A local supporter said 'Even if I wasn't David Blaine I'd still come in a disguise - it's a blo*dy embarrassment supporting this team'
Official sources from the Blaine camp laugh off suggestions that anything untoward was happening. However sources from the WETA Workshops when asked did say that recently they had been working on the images of egg impacts on solid surfaces.

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