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[ Sunday, November 09, 2003 ]

Matrix revolutions - mmmmmmmm
DJ Tim [01:59] Comments: 0 []
Oh my God.... I have just had the most amazing two hours. Revolutions was fantastic ..... my heart has not had a chance to slow down yet. The attack on Zion was - well breath-taking.

One might be disappointed that all the questions were not answered. But think about it. David Blains (Richards) street levitation was fantastic until you found out how it was done, then you thought "oh that's crap" If everything was explained on a plate we would all think, oh ok so that's it, I'm bored now lets move on now. I thought the ending was great, so un US (Arghrrr I can't really say what I mean until the main man of this blog (starbuckeroo) let's spoilers on his blog)

Everyone go and see it now

PS Starbuckeroos idea about a tall tower and solar panels does not work. Did you not notice that all the sentilals died in the storm clouds . They obviously could not penetrate it

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