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[ Sunday, November 02, 2003 ]

That bloke that's always drunk
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Arghrrrrrrrr my laptop rebooted itself for no reason while I was writing this and everything disappeared - I hear cheers from the main man of this blog.

Anyway to retype everything. Firstly the Stabuck flash mob was cool. We so freaked him out. We just all like turned up to this pub like and like started to talk to him like. Then we got drunk like and carried on talking to him like it was cool like. Did anyone see if we made the news like, cos that would be so cool like. Richards!

Anyway after I got back I caught a repeat of the Frank Skinner show. It had Mathew Kelly on it. Mathew challenged Frank about jokes that he and David B had made about him on their show Unplanned earlier this year. The jokes were about Mathew's brush with the law (all changes were subsequently dropped). Frank did a marvellous job at making Mathew look stupid. He asked him 'Have you every made jokes about Michael Jackson or Gary Glitter?' Mathew could not answer this question. Frank continued and pointed out the there show was a topical comedy show. Mathew Kelly was all over the papers that week, so what should they do - Not take the piss just because he was a fellow comedian? ( I use that word in the loosest terms)

Anyway I've got hic-ups now and a screenplay to write for the next 7 hours untill the we watch the Kiwi's stuff the Welsh. Night Night.

Oh just remembered have to be rude to Stu, so here goes - you're really, really..... nice (dam can't do it. I'll try again) You're a Richards... hee hee hee

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