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[ Wednesday, November 12, 2003 ]

Why do I do this - bloody Channel 4
DJ Tim [02:20] Comments: 0 []
For those of you in the know (which is me and half a dozen others) C4 is about to launch a new Text service on it's FreeView service. The bugger is that that we are supposed to be soft launching it tomorrow (which is actually today) but I have to write all the god dam handover documentation before we can do it hence 2:30 in morning I'm on said here blog because I've been online sending files to work that I've been writing all night.

Anyway here's the game. Our soft launch from, maybe tomorrow will be on Channel 50. You will see a 'Tel3text on 4' - coming soon' type of thing. BTW for the first few days it will only be during the day time. If anyone gives me a good enough reason, I will reveal the code that allows you to move through the 'coming soon' screen and into the entire service.

PS Hugh Grant is on set tomorrow. I'm so excited (sarcasm)

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