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[ Thursday, July 22, 2004 ]

The Truth about Starbuck.......
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Below is the truth about Starbuck read and believe or not (but if you do, you have been warned)

Starbuck was born Peter Shockivch in 1954 in a small village of Novomoskovsk, 100 miles south of Moscow. He enjoyed a happy childhood despite the abject poverty of his parents. He studies hard and during the winters (which lasted 10 months) he did a bit of figure skating. In 1966 he got a bronze medal in the local figure skating championships.

In 1972 he got a scholarship to the University of Moscow to study Joint honours in Biochemistry and Cold Temperature Physics. He graduated with a double first in 1975 and proceeded to study at the Institute of Agricultural Sciences in Bryansk. During his research at this institute he discovered how to liquefy ricin which won him the Yogifh award for science.

In 1977 he moves to the Smolensk Studio of Foreign Research. Here he works on methods of mind control focusing mainly of the art of internal jukebox control.

In 1978 Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov was killed by poison dart filled with ricin, fired from an umbrella. After this little is known of the movements Peter Shockivch .... However a certain Joseph Henry entered into Western Germany ten days later. The following day the western press announced that Georgi had been killed by the KGB.

In 1982 Joseph Henry played John Chidgey at backgammon. The later was humbled by his play, it led to a new rule of double crossing.

In 1985 Joseph was on stage at Live Aid - as a dancer

In 1989 Joseph (now called Marcus) was on top of the Wall with his hammer. Marcus hacked off a mighty chunk 'for freedom'

1990 Marcus was in Italy for the world cup. He was supporting - who ever drank the most beer.

1991 Marcus disappears...

1995 SeVen, Marcus has to change his name - the film is far to close to the bone.

1998 He moves to New Zealand = Andresus Thodoriought

2000 Kevin Smith doesn't land the three rings gig - Andresus does - he employee's a Jackson who does alright

.... The rest is history (but that Lucy girl - she's a star)

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