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[ Sunday, September 05, 2004 ]

Its oh so quiet
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Its been one of those weekends which make you realise the futility of going into work 5 days a week thus ending with you dropping out of society and living in a cardboard box, its been so nice in places.

One of the more enjoyable tasks in organising a wedding is booking the cake, and we spent an hour at Pino and Caroline Iacaruso's beautiful Harbury home (base of their specialist wedding cake company As You Like It)to talk and taste ingredients. A lovely couple and some lovely-looking cakes - but for the sake of surprise for the invited, I shall say no more. Suffice to say we're hoping it'll be a little bit special - although Pino has done wedding catering for various highrollers of the British Royal Family in the past, I bet none of them has been so good as to mend his wife's mobile phone for her...

That's enough about my wedding for now. With Co-Editor Stu's wedding being "mega-imminent", these pages are bound to become oversaturated and sopping wet in nuptials before I know it.

Today's relaxational highlight was a lengthy canal walk along unkempt and unspoilt towpath near Napton in Warwickshire. One of those towpaths along the Oxford Canal that is more meadow than pathway, and one that a shirehorse would struggle to actually do any towing on, it being so narrow and overgrown in places. Picture the scene - blazing sunlight, the towpath deserted but the canal busy with passing barges, the hedgerows bristling with berries of all kinds - blackberries, blueberries, elderberries, some funny little red berries that impact against girlfriends' heads very satisfyingly, and those rosehip things that are wickedly itchy when dropped down girlfriends' shirts. Very beautiful and unaffected, a reflection of England hundreds of years back, caught in the backwaters of the space-time continuum.

Anyway, I won't bore you any more with my canal-talk. VSX newbies and part-timers can read some of last year's artificial waterway archives HERE or even HERE.
One of these days I'll actually get a digital camera, and I won't have to string so many words together. As it was, I was scavenging Google Images for a photo to filtch to illustrate this writing, and somehow "Napton" came up with this...

Its quite an accurate picture, actually. Well, the trousers are well depicted.

And to complete this thread of relaxation, but not wanting to induce an epidemic of narcolepsy amongst my reader(s), I've only gone and bought Walky Talky by Air (you gotta love them, they've got Pong amongst the other toys on their website) and MedĂșlla from Bjork. Nurse, the pads!

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