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[ Tuesday, April 29, 2003 ]

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Tiny bit of time to write. Got a message from Durm Chamine earlier today. Said he'd been in contact with Aardvark. He'd sent him the following email last night:

>I keep getting hassled by Starbuck. He keeps saying that something big & important is about to happen. That the Squad could soon be liberated, free to return to the future. He says that he'll let you know wot's going on when it's become more crystallised.
>Dunno wot the frack he's on about.
>Anyway, he was also asking me to hassle you to tell him wot you wanted for your birthday. He seemed keen on getting you a Rock-It if he could find one, something about our chance to finally use the twin axe attack to make our fortunes to remake our future. Or summat.
>Or have you already got one? Anything else you'd like should that be so or should he fail to get one?
>Bye for now. I'll let Mr Powersurge know your response.
>Durm (Chamine)

Thing is, he's got a reply today from the Commander. It went as follows:
Durm things are moving fast in the cosmos and we need to all convene on the 10th of what these earthbeings call May or possibly the 9th for it is the 30th fnagle and the time has come for the new awakening. Many items could assist this process. The rock it as you say is a fine creation and would enable much more rapid riff generation far beyond our wildest dreams. We could cut several fine albums in but one day (batteries permitting). Other objects can be discovered at your nearest "Toys R us Depot"TM. Otherwise anything that would be cool in a batchelor pad for Starbuck needs to copulate in order for the balance to be restored. See u at the gathering. P.S. park in the road at bottom of drive or will get hassle please let me know when u r comin (Earlier the better). Need to be here by 7.30pm latest in order to get in booze before going to club as will have to vacate flat by 11ish to avoid pissing off the neighbores.

It all seems a bit trivial. Maybe this 21st Century Earth living has been blunting his razor-sharp 25th Century mind. We drafted him in to GP work to try to keep him mentally-atuned for driving the ship. If we ever get it sorted.

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