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[ Friday, May 18, 2007 ]

The Watchman and The Walker
Starbuck [16:07] Comments: 1 []
Aaargh, I've just done that thing. That thing that I'm sure most of us do now and again, most of us living comfortable lives free of fear and persecution anyway.

Following a late lunch* I was wandering fairly aimlessly around near my workplace, when I suddenly found myself compelled to stop sharply, look at my wrist-watch, and then start marching with intent in the other direction (back towards work as it happens).

The whole thing was totally out of my control. Why oh why do people do this? And what's with the watch thing - is it because our subconscious cares about what others might think about us and it needs to find a transparent excuse for the sudden about-face? I know that it's not just me, friends have admitted the same, and I've seen total strangers caught within the same compulsion.

Just a mild example of how fragile the human programme really is.

* "Late lunch" - cue** the "Late Lunch with Mel and Sue" theme tune on my internal jukebox.
** Sentence containing the words "cue the". Cue the opening titles to "Cue The Music with Mike Mansfield" (not QC), where the silver-haired old-music supremo said "Cue The Music" from his position at the TV studio gallery mixing desk. Cue also memories of the control desk berks *** sitting in the background being amusing behind the stern-faced record producer.
*** Cue amemory of straining those drunken late-night eyes to determine whether one of the berks was comic impro actor Tony Slattery****
**** Cue a comment on just hoe woeful Slattery's "Norfolk" accent is on the very amenable Sunday night drama series "Kingdom with Stephen Fry". I don't know exactly what it is about Kingdom - on paper it really shouldn't be a Starbuck must-see - but it just seems to warm my cockles. Apparently I smile alot whilst I'm watching it!

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