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[ Friday, May 02, 2003 ]

Starbuck [23:35] Comments: 0 []
At the Ashow base tonight.

Tired. Oh so very tired. C21 earth-time is a lot more draining than that a few millenia down the line.

On the journey here tonight, I was trying to think of some more money-making schemes for rebuilding the ship.
Apart from getting the Squad back together for world domination, of course.

Now, getting Hormone Hell digitised and in the shops, that would be a start. Especially if we don't tell any of the other "actors".

And modelling. There's good money in modelling, if you're as good looking as this certain Starman.
If any fashion talent-spotters out there happen to surf by, and are after someone from the future to throw money at, head to the Home Crew section of earthling friend Matt's Shagmatty website for a site with some pics of a handsome young man, with an amazing ability to bend one of his fingers without moving his others. He's the one who looks like David Brent. Plus there's some of his less-handsome Commander.

And I could try to get into the travel-writing game. Never did Paxman / Palin / James (Clive) any harm. Example-work of my travels through China a few years ago can be found here:YES, CLICK HERE!

Will have to discuss with Ardvark/Armadillo next weekend.

Must go. I've got a few aeons worth of jet-lag (time-lag?) by the feel of it...

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