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[ Tuesday, September 30, 2003 ]

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Bizarre. My dad's internet connection has seemed at least twice as fast as normal tonight. Brilliant, I thought. Maybe that scandisk (induced by the usual failed shutdown) had fixed something significant.

And then the virus alarm went off. This little Trojan goes by the catchy little moniker of JAVA_NEEDY.A. Looks like it doesn't do anything more annoying than attempt to hijack your browser, and I didn't let it do that (hopefully), but it just goes to show. All I was doing was visiting some random blog in my Blogring, and the bugger turned out to be an infected website. Just goes to show the importance of protection. But then again, maybe the antivirus companies seed the web with these sites containing low-risk-low-damage code, just to keep us sharp. But then again again, probably not.

And if it turned out that the nasty piece of malware was actually the thing that was thrusting me through cyberspace at hyper-speed, maybe I'll have to go try to catch the little blighter again...

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