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[ Thursday, March 25, 2004 ]

Referrer bait
Starbuck [20:46] Comments: 0 []
Quality-connoisseur readers - please ignore this post, and jump to the next. Spurred on by people arriving at VSX looking for TV detritus, I am just trying to further gauge net-surfers searching habits for some rubbish TV characters (I get enough hits already from people looking for info on Emu-nemesis Grotbags, Wesley Two Scoops Berry from American Gladiators and nude pics of Vicky Michelle...)

I will bait the trap thus, with the names of two American TV sitcom characters from yesteryear who put the "h" in "sitcom" (as the old joke goes):

Doogie Howser MD and Major Dad - perfect examples of why nothing apart from the Simpsons should ever be let near the 6 O'Clock strand on BBC2 again.

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