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[ Sunday, March 21, 2004 ]

Get creative - the sound of the city
Starbuck [17:26] Comments: 0 []
This was a rather fantastic sunday-afternoon browser-based flash-game find...

A Break In The Road - point-and-click your way around a strikingly-visualised city, recording aural fragments of urban life on your Mineedisc - the bass throb of a passing car, the humming of a girl drying her hair beyond an open window, the sound of a gate blowing in the wind, drunken pub conversations - then take your collected beats and melodies back to your studio. Mix them into your very own track - the world's yer lobster here - before trying out your minute-long set at your mate's club. The better your tune, the more impressed the crowd will be. Make sure you don't skip the well-presented intro either.

Nice one, Luke Whittaker. You verily are the main geezer. Innit.

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