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[ Sunday, November 18, 2007 ]

Global Warning
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Despite what right-wing deniers of man-made climate change deniers might claim (and it is always right-wingers, such as a local Conservative MPwho thinks its all a socialist conspiracy, Jeremy Clarkson having a dig on screen at the end of Top Gear's four-wheel drive to the North Pole - if they can drive there then obviously the ice caps are OK and there's not substantive evidence to global warming -, or one of my in-laws whose suspicions are fed by every morsel of selective misinformation fed to him by the Telegraph), the scary thing is that there isn't anything we can likely to as a planet's population to stop it. We know we're in for trouble, and each nation is going to do its best to safeguard its interests for the future, and sod the rest of them.

They've known about it since the 70s, but given that they've not wanted to here, denial has been the easiest option.

If only 80s thrash metal combo Nuclear Assault had declared independence from the rest of the world and declared their own country - NuAssland, perhaps. Then they might have played their magnum opus Global Warning in full at one of the security council meetings, and the world would be a better place.

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