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[ Monday, May 05, 2003 ]

Starbuck [10:39] Comments: 0 []
Watching Animal Park on the telly. It's theme tune is driving me mad. No vocals, just a (cheap) orchestra. But it uses that tried and tested day-time TV trick of making the theme tune sound like it should have lyrics. Every time I hear it, some piss-poor composer in my head comes up with something like "Come down to the Animal Park", "Welcome to-o Animal Park" etc.
GAH! The pain! Some cruel jobbing jingle-writer, not just being content with sharpening my insanity with a catchy tune, but implanting the stimulus, forcing the brain-dead viewer to have to think of the lyrics that he felt were too shoddy for him to get away with himself. Is this what counts as intellectual innervation of the mind in the daytime TV world?

This sort of thing was banned in the future.

(Now Bullseye. That was a good theme tune. Couldn't find a copy of the theme on toptastic telly site TV Cream, but a damn good description of the show brought nostalgia-tears to my eyes. Nearly.)

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