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[ Monday, March 01, 2004 ]

Extreme beauty
Starbuck [22:46] Comments: 0 []
I sometimes get lost in the magical beauty thats the backdrop to my everyday life.

Sitting by the lake just down from my workplace over my lunchhour today, watching the geese, the ducks, the swans; some of them ducking and dabbling within the small pools between the sheets of ice, others skating and running across the frozen surface, the ice creaking and cracking under the weight of the larger birds as they scramble towards my bench and towards my sandwiches.

And then later, leaving work following a frustrating day of technical failures, a frozen flame of vapour trail, pink neon dissecting the pure blue of the early evening dusk sky.

And yesterday morning, from the hilltop at Dyserth in North Wales, surrounded by a plethora of panoramic delights; all my favourite visual stimuli in one fantastic vista - the distant snow-covered mountains, reaching down to the headland stretching out into the sea; the beach arcing towards me from the distant head until becoming hidden by the trees clinging to my hill's side; the sound of the waterfall behind me; the cottages of the village below, huddled within the shallow valley; farmland, fields of cows and sheep; and the wind farm, resting on the horizon of the tract of water. Sights both natural and artificial, filling me with their awe.

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