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[ Monday, February 23, 2004 ]

"His job...Steal it."
Starbuck [22:27] Comments: 0 []
Along with what seems like every other flipping owner of these new-fangled online journals, I've recently started using Firefox for my web browsing needs. And not before time, as my copy of IE has been getting very unstable under the strain of 15+ windows.

So far so dreamy. Just being able to quickly open multiple simultaneous sites with easy tabbed access rather than being bogged down with loads of separate browsers makes all the difference. And it just seems so.... sleek; streamlined.

The one problem. I now realise that VSX is not Firefox-optimised. All that (minimal) effort in throwing a "high-tec" retro marquee-effect into my old duplicate-ad-box, only to now realise that a bigger overhawl is needed. Life's so tough (Note: irony)

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