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[ Tuesday, March 16, 2004 ]

Grin as wide as a harbour
Starbuck [08:18] Comments: 0 []
A quick TV review for those interested in the comedy currently emanating from the Isles of Olde Britaine.

Judging by the first episode, the new series of Black Books on Channel 4 is looking to be as classic as the previous seasons. Its very rare for something to elicit actual "laugh out loud" noises from deep within myself, but this had me chortling and giggling, and yes, lol'ing like a lunatic. Pure, fresh, silly fun. Apparently my grinning face was a treasure to behold!

Likewise, Nighty Night, which has just jumped across from the digital no-mans-land of BBC3 onto the firm terrestrial grounds of BBC2. Extremely good, as you'd only expect from something starring Julia Davies and Kevin Eldon, amongst other. Very dark-humoured, very funny. It put me in mind of a narrative-based Jam, or a less weird and fractured League of Gentlemen. And, featuring ertswhile Chris Morris collaborators Davies & Eldon, its causing all sorts of horrific Jam flashbacks to bruise my innocent mind... that acupuncture "crucifiction"... ugh!

And Ant And Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway - Noel's House Party has been reborn! Hurrah!

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