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[ Wednesday, March 10, 2004 ]

genetic trait or mimicry?
Starbuck [18:26] Comments: 0 []
Haaatschooo! Excuse me. Haaaaaaghtschooo! Parp! Oh, pardon me!

I'm a walking wind-machine today (if you include sneezing as wind, which you probably don't). And its got me pontificating.

My sneezes, you see, are exactly the same as my dad's sneezes. They are identical. But, apart from him, I have never heard anyone sneeze like me. My dad's farts, and I'm sure he'd want me to share this with the world, are also identical to my own - not explosively deep, but quite "tuneful" and tight.

There must be something to this. Is it a genetic, or does this trait develop subconciously by mimicry? For a start, I don't sound at all like my dad in speech, so my vocal chords might not be involved in the sneeze response. Actually, scrub that, its a bad argument. Sneezing comes from a lot deeper down, and maybe its too violent a response to be a purely larynx-determined noise - its all about the tension exerted on the vocal chords and the air pressure within the glottis. Or something. And accents are not a genetically-mediated phenotype anyway. But then, at the immense levels of air pressure which the diaphragm must build up to force that long-undisturbed residual air from your deepest-of-deep alveoli, the tension within the muscular vibrating folds of the larynx and its chords, as well as the dimensional and tensile dynamics of the rest of your airwaves, must all come into play - its not something that you'd subconciously be in control of. Unlike the obviously psychological traits of sneezing - individuals who endure multiple sneezes in as session, always equally-spaced temporally. Anyway, those people are just weird.

I'm getting nowhere. This is why I stopped being a scientist! I'll just say its a bit of both.

And as for farting - in relation to genetic verses learned behaviour - there's no time for a in-depth look into the workings of my anal chords, you lucky people; my girlfriend's essay is still causing complications in the labour of love that is VSX. So I shall end this report now. The end. Fin.

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