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[ Friday, July 16, 2004 ]

Crocodile shoes
Starbuck [12:29] Comments: 0 []
I must just inform my regular VSX Reader(s) that tomorrow I shall be hopping abroad for a week-long fact-finding mission (hopping being quite literally the operative word, as my only surviving set of shoes still residing in Britain have inconviently just sprung a large leak; also hopping mad, as my internal jukebox has subsequently filled with Neil from The Young Ones' "Hole In My Shoe").

So please don't panic if there are no signs of electronic life evident in Starbuck's web-based incarnation - I've not joined the host of ex-bloggers in the sky (at which point I must thank Clear Blue Skies' Dave for all of the electronic fun and frolics that he's pumped into my e-veins over the past year; Dave is taking a trial separation from CBS, but without this muddyfunster's flashblogging hijinks last year, I mightn't have discovered all of the wondrous sites now residing on my blogroll...)

Hopefully my sub-editors Stuart and DJ Tim will keep you amused in the meantime. In the not impossible event that they do not, please amuse yourself. But not like that. Ugh.

Its been a very busy few months for me, but for those who are interested (as I'm sure anyone who's bothered to get this far down the page must be), at least it looks like myself and Mrs Starbuck have nailed down an appropriate wedding venue (click HERE for details). Hopefully.
But as for the countless rivetting proto-articles that perpetually buzz around my head, all those self-indulgent thoughts that I've not recently found the time to stain the web with, you'll just have to wait. Or pray for memory loss.
See you in a while, crocodiles. And humans.

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