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[ Wednesday, July 14, 2004 ]

Big Brovaz (coz they endorse it don't they? See what they did there?)
Stuart [13:15] Comments: 0 []
I can't stand it any more. My voice must be heard. I think Jason is easily the best thing on Big Brother. He appears to be the only one who realises what a bunch of &8$%s the rest of them are. Take last night, with Nadia screaming "you scare me because you're a bully but you're not scaring me" (good line of argument, especially in her annoying screech) while he is merely asking her what she said about him.

I can't believe the odds on him being voted out (had he been up for eviction this week) were 1-33! He's the saviour of British TV! (er, perhaps that's a bit strong)

My quick run through the other housemates:

Michelle - funny last night screaming at Ahmed, obviously gets bonus points for being topless so much of the time, but probably really quite awful

Victor - I like him too, but less than Jason

Ahmed - don't care

Stuart - don't care

Thingy with the blond hair - don't care

The boring sensible one - too boring, too sensible

Nadia - truly awful, MUST NOT win (whine whine I need my cigarettes oh just GROW UP!)

Nasty Nick - definitely think he's up to something

Bubbles - stupid hat

Erm... I can't remember the others' names, which is on account of my not really watching it and not getting sucked into it at all because it's terrible television and quite frankly below me.

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