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[ Thursday, July 01, 2004 ]

Blue Thunder
Starbuck [13:32] Comments: 0 []
I see that VSX Subeditor Stu has been actively moonlighting on the 100 Word Reviews site as promised. The web-traitor!

And so to steal the thunder of his imminent Orbital review on that rather lovely site, here's Starbuck's own CD Special:

Orbital - The Blue Album - with this, the final Orbital album, the Hartnoll brothers bring their 15 year history to a respectful close with yet another slab of sublimely perfect electronic music. They have refined that classic Orbital sound with such a delicate touch that on the surface its less outright Orbital, but so much more so within its depths. Both beautiful and primal, its soundscapes take in everything from classical ethereal restraint to the adrenalised techno rollercoasters that you would expect. Orbital - unpretentious, mind music perfection for the masses. They will be missed.

The Streets - A Grand Don't Come For Free - it hooks straight into your head on the first couple of listens. There'll be no new suprises from there on, but that's the beauty of it. Craply brilliant and brilliantly crap in places, subtley clever in others. And it still makes me want to cry as the story reaches its conclusion...

Scissor Sisters - shamelessly extravagant pop music. Its as camp as christmas and rightfully proud of it. Makes me want to wear sequins and a cowboy hat. Joyous!

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