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[ Monday, December 13, 2004 ]

Blogroll update
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Talking of Mr T (as I was in the previous post), I would like to publicise Bob Francisco's "Cruising Through" blog, to reciprocate for his own kind linkage. Mr Francisco is studying nursing at a Midland University. My own dear fiancé was also a nurse in Birmingham for a while, so its kind of like we know each other already... except it isn't. Anyway, Bob's blog is an interesting place to hang around by the bins, as it includes some very nice images of Howling Mad Murdoch.

14 DECEMBER UPDATE OK peeps, another recipribloglink for you. This one I like the looks of very much indeed - Background Noise - and I'll be back to make sure The One Known As Richard doesn't let me down. Otherwise I nuke his site.

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