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[ Tuesday, June 19, 2007 ]

Big Brother 8
Starbuck [22:44] Comments: 0 []
I'd been doing so well.

This was the first series of Big Brother where I've not religiously watched pretty much every show (I even used to record them when on holiday, "just in case" another Nasty Nick Bateman pencil moment takes place.

But this time I was determined not to watch it.

It's felt fairly liberating - my time was to be my own for the entire Summer run - and I've managed to watch all sorts of more constructive televisualisations in the time otherwise wasted. The feeling that I was missing out on something was still tangible, however. I used to look forward to my daily fix.

And tonight I've found myself watching it again, and I can feel myself being drawn in. Bugger.

The last time I caught any of it was for the much-discussed Wigger Emily episode. Back then there was just one bloke called Zippy (or something) in it, surrounded by all manner of female allsorts. Now I've just turned it on on Day 21 (can it only be Day 21?), and there's something like 100 people of all sexes in the BB house, plus Mick Hucknall's in it, or at least I think it was Mick Hucknall, in a hat.

I'm sinking...

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