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[ Wednesday, November 21, 2007 ]

Christian Voice
Starbuck [19:42] Comments: 0 []
I hate these guys, especially bigot-in-chief Stephen Green. Why the media gives them the time of day I don't know (here they are again, wanting to sue the BBC for blasphemy in screening Jerry Springer The Opera, one of their pet obsessions.)

I hate them for their hatred (one of the few forms of hatred I understand). Their hatred of anyone who doesn't share to the letter their closed-minded world view, forged in a literal interpretation of a document written thousands of years ago.

You just need to look at their site to see the bile they pour out, spewing misinformed reaction to the world that they rightly see as being at odds with them, against them. If you look beyond the poorly-written text you'll see some very questionable opinions.

Censure the Beeb for blasphemy? When we can't even censure moronic religious bigots?

The impression one gets from the media are that CV are the mainstream pressure group for fundamentalist Christianity in this country. They grant them the respectability that they badly crave.

Don't think I'm picking on Christianity here - there are pressure groups and hate campaigns cosseting the insecurities of all the main religions. Its just that, in this "Christian country", Christian Voice get free reign to broadcast their hate.

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