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[ Friday, November 05, 2010 ]

Dexter Season 4 finale review
Starbuck [10:39] Comments: 5 []
Its interesting how a series about the life of a self-managing serial killer can make me weep for the protagonist.

As the episode drew to a close, and Dexter discovered that SPOILER had SPOILER his SPOILER and left his SPOILER SPOILER in a SPOILER of SPOILER, I found myself lost in uncontrollable tears.

Nothing has made me cry so much in a long long time.


I watched it "on demand" without interruptions, then later re-watched bits of a recorded version of the linear broadcast. I'll stick to OD in the future.

FX UK's use of non-signposted ad breaks and REALLY FLICKING ANNOYING VOICEOVERS AND PREVIEWS over the end credits made me want to weep all over again (in much the same way that they made the linear broadcast version of True Blood unwatchable). FX used to be good! When will they learn?

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