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[ Tuesday, May 25, 2010 ]

Viper Squad Ten - the return
Starbuck [17:18] Comments: 1 []
# You'd better watch out you gits, 'cos Starbuck's back
The Squad have been quiet, but we're on the attack... #

And that.

Hmmm. I'd not meant to fall off the map quite so spectacularly. This blog has still been fully functional in my mind - its just not quite made the crucial transition from my brain to Google's servers. I've planned so many "comeback" posts over the last two years. Some of them would have been rather wonderful. And now, here I am, talking to myself absentmindedly, unfocussed, just myself and the bots reading these ill-formed words.

Still its nice to see that old green-brown eyestrain-inducing page template again. I've missed that - an antique from the days before CSS, whether you're talking cascading style sheets or Cansei de Ser Sexy.

For the dwindled audience of those who still care, its not that I've been totally disconnected from blogging over the last few years. Like every other self-publicist I've got myself a Twitter account - As you can see, there's been markedly more activety there than here. A whole posting from last year, for example.

But mark these words (and try to score me highly), Isle be back (Arnie's favourite island).

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