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[ Wednesday, October 08, 2003 ]

Absence (of blogging) makes the heart grow Fonze'r
Starbuck [22:57] Comments: 0 []
I'm not sure how I'm going to relate to the title above - all I wanted to say was that I've not had much chance the last few days to read any other blogs, let alone write any of my own, and I'm feeling that I'm missing out on a part of my life (which probably doesn't say much for my life!)

And then, in writing the title that preceeded this entry, my stream of conciousness unexpectedly brought The Fonze from Happy Days into the equation. And now I'm struggling to do justice to that great man in relation to my current situation.

So there you go. I'm sorry that I've been a tad infrequent in my ramblings of late. But as I told Ralph Malph the other day, I'm struggling with the "chick's" parents' dodgy AOL connection on a machine with an unstable mind of its own (its taken most of the evening just to publish this little missive), and you and Richie can sit on it. Whatever that means. Heyyyyyy!

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