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[ Friday, October 03, 2003 ]

Blaine v Brown
Stuart [09:56] Comments: 0 []
I, along with Tim (I hesitate to prefix with "DJ"), have been asked by the Master of the Blog to provide David Blaine updates. I can provide two updates, one from day three and one from day 10. Which may not be entirely what he's after. He was standing up on both occassions mind, which is not what you get these days, so i understand.

Anyway, Derren is a master. Harvey is very uncharitable. I didn't think he zapped him anyway. i seem to remember that our illustrious leader had to shuffle off stage at some point as the hypnotism wasn't working on his gnarled, cynical mind.

Oh, and on the subject on rivers, from a couple of posts back, I heartily recommend to everyone in the whole world Three Men in a Boat. It's great. I'm reading it RIGHT NOW.

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