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[ Sunday, October 19, 2003 ]

Move any mountain (of possessions)
Starbuck [13:51] Comments: 0 []
The rollercoaster of life continues apace - yesterday, we started our house-hunting, checking out a couple of places in Leamington and Warwick, all very casually and pressure-free.

And (fingers crossed, as the landlord has still got to ring us back), today we've found a place in Royal Leamington Spa. An actual house, tiny but cosy (but then, myself and my girlfriend are also tiny but cosy), on the end of a small terrace of old mews buildings, nestled a short distance out of the way of normal society, off one of the avenues in the posher area of Leamington. A few minutes walk from the centre of Leamington, so it'll be easy to get out of an evening, but very quiet and sheltered in itself (hopefully).

And its got a famous (read as: lookalike) landlord, in the alchoholic shape of ex-England / Newcastle / Spurs / Rangers / Gansu Tianma footballer, Paul "Gazza" Gascoigne. He'd actually managed to forget his keys when we turned up to visit yesterday afternoon (too much lager probably), which endeared me to him straight away, it being the stoopid sort of thing I'd do. He even told us we'd be able to fit a load of beer in the spacious fridge! Very Gazza. So we look forward to regular boozy maintenance visits from the gang of Jimmy "Five Bellies" Fivebellies, Danny "comedy genius/face for radio" Baker, plus Chris "Ginger Tossbag" Evans and his "lovely" wife Billie...

(Note to non-UK readers: you may not be aware of all of these people, but your lives are probably better off for it. Count yourselves lucky. Enjoy your ignorance.)

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