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[ Thursday, October 09, 2003 ]

Darren not Derren
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I'm not going to endlessly go on about Derren Brown's use of blank ammunition in his recent televised game of Russian Roulette (I reckon Mark Borkowski pretty much summed it up for me in his Guardian column).

More interestingly, I've got a couple of "scoops" for you (and I'm not talking about Wesley "Two Scoops" Berry from Gladiators, thank god.)

A big thank you to J-Mu from SCi, who's been in touch to correct me. She points out that "Derren Brown was not called Derren V Brown at university but Darren V Brown. Yes, that's right, common or garden Darren Brown (presumably he added the "V" to make himself more distinctive, later changing to Derren. V sensible if you ask me)".
And this is coming from a lawyer, so it must be true. But then again, Darren/Derren (V) was a fellow lawyer as well, so sod that. Can't trust a word she says.

Brown Scoop Number Two isn't really a scoop as such, more of a public information service for Mr Brown himself. The above nugget of information instigated a Google search on the artist formerly known as Darren, and according to this piece in the Bristol University Law Graduates' Newsletter, Derren represented the Bristol University Dance Team at various inter-varsity dance competitions in 1993, and his ballroom dancing partner Siu Lin Goh would like him to contact her.

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