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[ Monday, March 01, 2004 ]

Repeatedly Shameless
Starbuck [23:00] Comments: 0 []
I don't like to preach on these pages. If I ever fall into that trap, its because YOU the reader DEMAND to be told what's RIGHT for you.

But I will just inform any of you UK-bound Brit TV-watching sods who missed Shameless on Channel 4 the first time round that its being repeated from tomorrow (Tuesday), only a week after the series finished. Very good indeed - indeed, the Guardian described it as the best thing on British TV in ages. You might dislike it at first - you might have difficulty empathising, or liking, the characters as the first episode unfolds. But stick with this mutha, and you'll discover it to be, yes, the best thing on British TV in ages. Unpretentious and joyous, funny and poignant, unjudgemental and larger-than-life, its not TV as we know it. Unmissable.

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