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[ Monday, March 29, 2004 ]

A wider world
Starbuck [21:52] Comments: 0 []
I finally saw the magnificent In This World last night (Guardian reviews HERE). Not just a honest and daring piece of film-making, but an exceptionally beautiful one as well.

A road-movie of sorts, following Jamal and Enayatullah, two refugees displaced from Afghanistan by the West's bombing of the Taliban regime, having brought passage to London from Pakistan to find a better life for themselves. Not much happens. Its not full of Tarantino-style dialogue. But you really are there with them, every fearful mile of the way.

Most of the actors, including both leads, were nonprofessionals; indeed, Jamal and Enayatullah were both Afghan refugees living in Pakistan. Director Michael Winterbottom shot it on digitial video, giving him a real "guerilla filmaking" straight-in-and -out approach as the entourage followed the Silk Road to Turkey.

Its a film that the more hate-filled and fear-fuelled diciples of the right-wing tabloids (hello Dailies Mail and Express) should be forced to watch, if only to show them these small-minded idiots the humanity inherent in those "evil" asylum seekers.

And Winterbottom being the genius behind 24 Hour Party People, he understands enough about the importance of music to make the soundtrack swell in all the right places.


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