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[ Sunday, June 27, 2004 ]

The Joy of Insects
Starbuck [21:23] Comments: 0 []
After my ant blogging extravaganza the other day, Susan had Commented
about how she used to hit ants with a hammer as a child. Shaken up by reading about this orgy of insect cruelty, I was spurred on to look for a similar web game to work these recurring horrific images out of my imagination. As well as it surely being such obvious gaming material.

Lack of time has curtailed my efforts today. Not even the delightful Orisinal has come up with the goods this time, although a fairly close concept is their extremely fun Hungry Spiders game (it has always well satiated my insect abusing instincts - even better than sucking them up with a Real Life vacuum cleaner!)

The first ant-based game that I stumbled across in my minimal ant-game-search-window was Ant Run (not Firefox-compatible). Rules so basic that my nan could play it - guide the ant through the tunnels by rotating the square tiles on the grid by 90 degrees (tip: the grid wraps around) - but its pretty fun, all the same. You'll have seen it all before, no doubt, but hey - this version's got an ant in it. Fantastic! No boiling water, however. And no hammers.

Still, I'm after something with a little more longevity. And that something may just be my second lucky ant web-game discovery, AntWar. Its verily an ant colony simulation game, albeit "simulation" in the very loosest sense. Idiots unable to cope with complex resource management may prefer to keep to the original AntWar. But they'd be wrong. Idiots!

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