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[ Wednesday, October 20, 2004 ]

Viz a v
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Regular readers of my pithy pithtake of a blog may be wondering just where the hell Uncle Starbuck has been; indeed, my sojourns into blogspace have been necessarily brief and restricted.

I would tell you that I've been fighting off relentless Cylon attack waves for as for back as my sleep-deprived mind can remember - when you've only got 33 minutes to prepare for the next hyperspace jump, you don't get much time to write or indeed read weblogs.

However that would be ridiculous. But its the only excuse I'm giving for now.

Whilst I'm here, I may as well write a few words...

Being an avid Viz reader since childhood, I was mildly saddened to READ THIS report at the axing of the Fat Slags in the next issue following the disastrously bad film adaption that some idiot has excreted. As Simon Donald, Viz creator, says, "Even the most idiotic, misguided teenage moron will not get a laugh out of this truly irredeemable crock of horseshit". So R.I.P. San, Tray and Baz. It's been fun. Almost. Now lets have another film about Billy The Fish...

I'm feeling sad now, tracking back to the magnificent Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin heydays of Tank Girl, the best comic book creation EVER. And the massive disappointment I felt when I saw the dismal movie interpretation, the film that killed the mighty Deadline magazine. Cripes, its got me feeling all Shaky "Kane" 2000. ANGER! HURT! Etc.
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23:43 update: OK, the anger, hurt etc have now worn off enough for me to share this little indignant beauty of a letter from M Webb to the Letterbocks letters page in last month's Viz:
What a fitting tribute the Diana Memorial Fountain is. It looks stupid, serves very little purpose, and hogs all the headlines.
Tee hee!

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