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[ Sunday, November 14, 2004 ]

# Well it happened years ago when you lived on Stanhope Road #
Starbuck [16:30] Comments: 0 []
Ah, children - aren't they marvellous? Especially if you don't have to have all the responsilibity of looking after them and bringing them up.

Our Bristolian friends Jon & Fi have moved up to the Midlands in search of a better accent, which means we've got a couple more proxy-children of our own (one severaly months the other several years) to play with and hand back at the end of an evening.

I know for a fact that I haven't (and won't) grow up. "Growing up" is purely something people are conditioned to pretend to do in this artifical construct of a society of ours. So its always a joy to have the excuse of kids to just let go of all pretence and regress back to your childhood. I could never get bored pretending to be space ships or trains or cowboys or Silicon Invaders From Mars.

Its great - a lot of my friends are either in the process of gestation or have recently spawned, but its even better having some local playmates!

Now, let me at that online Etch A Sketh...

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