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[ Tuesday, November 09, 2004 ]

Hold me to account
Starbuck [23:04] Comments: 0 []
I was vaguely interested to see that one of my free Hotmail accounts has now been upgraded to 250 Megabyte capacity. Only vaguely, as I never use the damn thing nowadays, but I still feel compelled to check it now and then, just in case anything slips through from anyone not au fait with my newer email addresses.

Clinging onto old email addresses isn't a good thing - I wish I could just dump them - but I can't trust some long-lost acquaintance not to want to contact to tell me that they have won the lottery and that they'd like to share the winnings with me for having told that brilliant Chris Rea joke one drunken evening travelling, or something.

It's made me think, though. I have EIGHT email addresses at the moment. Three Hotmail addresses, two Gmail ones, one ISP address, and two work addresses. Sometimes I feel that I am fragmenting. Mostly I feel that I am wasting my time maintaining the partition of my electronic cyberself into all these different compartments. And I am sure that eight is a fairly conservative amount of addresses to have nowadays.

Here's hoping that I can find a free solution for automatically forwarding mail from these differing extraneous accounts whilst maintaining their validity. Maybe I'll get spammed the answer...

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