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[ Wednesday, November 03, 2004 ]

Fear factory
Starbuck [19:06] Comments: 0 []
And so I awake from the sweet dreams of Mediterranean sunshine, only to be thrust into the nightmare of a smirking demon, bullying a terrified populace lost within the darkness. And I feel sickened and saddened, as George W Bush's re-election campaign, lurching into action in the days following September 11 2001, snakes its way to its predictable conclusion. It looks like a sizeable lost population of my American cousins have strayed away from from their Land Of The Free, and I hope the others can show them the roadmap. And don't even start about the other roadmap...

Maybe that last Bin Laden video was the swing. Maybe it's a two-way thing. The Bush administration acts as a recruiting sergeant for terrorists, and its very much in Bin Laden's interest keeping Bush in power. I tell you, although tonight I'm glad I'm not American, I don't feel too hopeful for the human race. Our capability to spout nothing but barefaced lies and our incapacity to resist such poison don't mark us out too impressively on the sentient timeline.

I hope that enough of my British brethren have been watching the remarkable BBC documentary The Power Of Nightmares over the last few weeks. The final episode of this superior series is tonight, and I'd hate the Orwellian darkness of this Neo-Con way of thinking to find root over here. The previous two episodes have explained this too-confusing world to me in an enjoyable, watchable manner, and it should be made mandatory viewing, not only for us, but for the world at large. If you've missed it see if you should seek out copies on BitTorrent or something.

But who am I to pass comment on another country's "free" elections? Someone who cares about the world, and is utterly concerned for America's so-called freedom, that's who.

Still, only four more years to wait until Hilary. And in the meantime, here's some gallows humour from Billyworld:

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