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[ Sunday, November 07, 2004 ]

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Dear Friends, and you, being fellow humans, are friends by virtue of reading these very words.

I ask for your help. Myself and Mrs P-to-be are still in the honeymoon-planning doldrums. Now the last time I put out a desperate plea about this, fellow blogger Lawn Greengrass stepped into the breach to recommend Kephalonia Kefalonia as a lovely Greek island. Our sights have now moved somewhat, sensing greater heat elsewhere, but we're still stuck fast on where would be the most idylic place to honeymoon at the start of May. We so bad! Essential factors to take into consideration - sunshine, sea, and picturesque panoramas.

Current contenders include -
  • Crete (perhaps with an Athens launchpad) for Minoan adventures aplenty; I'm already working on some "hilarious" Knossos jokes...

  • Cyprus - more nice Mediterranean weather, coupled with the opportunity for singing "Insane in the membrane" whilst standing atop well-defined elevations of land.

  • Koh Samui - "a beautiful island lying 35 kilometers off the coast of Surat Thani (one of the major cities in southern Thailand), and about 700 kilometers south of Bangkok. It is covered by coconut plantations and circled by palm fringed beaches". So says the interweb. Much less wet in May than the rest of Thailand by the looks of it. Please, worldly readers, would it be nice enough at that time of year, and is it still pretty heavenly, even considering the lack of obvious puns in its name? Phuket would rate incredibly highly in the joke-name classification, however it looks like it'd be a bit wet. Ho hum.

  • Mexico - according to my good friend Callas Obrigadon, a good beach resort would be "Playa del Carmen (near Cancun in the Yucatan peninsular but far more quiet, pleasant etc) which has golden beaches, lovely sea, nice air con suites in hotels for which you can buy a decent package including flight from mexico city (or abroad, presumably): also has lots of excursions - to Mayan pyramids, waterholes where you can swim, aquatic parks, etc. and it is hot!" His missus "also swears by Huatusco" apparently. However, I'm a little scared of vampires myself, and Starbucketta thinks the weather might not be tip-top (is she scared to cross water?)

  • Jamaica? No, she went on her own accord. (I don't want to go to Jamaica, despite it being puntastic).

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