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[ Tuesday, December 14, 2004 ]

Christmas is coming, & Starbuck's getting fat
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I do love a bit of overindulgence, and since tis the season to be jolly, tra la la la laaar la lar la laaaargh, I'll no doubt be overindulging with the best of them. What with a plethora of birthdays, pagan festivals, and religious traditions rapidly approaching, I'm expecting my girth to have increased by a few extra inches by this time next month.

Its been an interesting body mass rollercoaster ride that I've been strapped in on over the last few years. I used to be a little bit plump, courtesy of the Grillsteak, Chip & Beer diet grillsteaks and beer. As my self-esteem ebbed away I felt the need to exert some control over my appearance, and I started running... and running... and running... for hours at a time. This, coupled with a slight change of diet - mainly beansprouts and hardcore straight-edge baked potatoes (no marge or fillings!), plus white wine and a smattering of fast food to keep the triglycerides up - made me very sleight indeed.

Aside from the mental considerations of such an endeavour, I found it very interesting how the "feel" of my body changed over trhis period. A tightness of flesh across the sternum, the protuberance of blood vessels as the body fat melted away, a general leaness.

More interestingly, at some point my belly button stopped producing fluff. My gaping maw of a belly button had, for as long as I could remember, been a mineshaft for the excavation of masses of mysterious blue-pink fluff. When I reached a certain threshold of thinness, production of this extraneous substance promptly ceased. And since excessive exercise has now ceased and my weight has been increasing again, at a distinct moment I was again able to ceaselessly harvest material from the cavernous cavity that is my belly button again - a joy. And its not an uncommon joy, according to The Incredible World of Navel Fluff. Ugh!

And now, with the aim of knitting a fluffy jumper in time for Christmas next year, I think I'll be overdoing it again this year!

The downside - possible weight-gain, resulting in myself looking chubby at my forthcoming wedding.

And talking about overindulging and wedding business, Friday night (& much of the early hours of Saturday morning) was spent dancing round the living room, just myself & Mrs Powersurge, on the wrong side of a cocktail of wine, beers, whisky, Baileys, & bubbly. A truly wonderful experience, I am sure, if only I could remember more of it!

And most wonderful of all, dancing to some fantabulous music by a band/group/artist that must remain secret at present, we decided that we'd use it as the first dance at our wedding next year. Oh, how I want to spill the beans. But the walls have ears...

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