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[ Friday, November 25, 2005 ]

The benefits of blog silence
Starbuck [22:37] Comments: 0 []
Probably a good job that I've had too much on my plate to hold the blogging torch properly aloft this last few weeks.

Just found myself tempted to write the following; tempted, but I saw sense:

"Tipsy, alone, and with an unexpected two-way jet causing toilet-time laundry chaos"

You don't need to read this stuff. Thankfully common sense prevailed, and I kept schtum.

Still, even if my fingers haven't been in it, my heart's still been there. I've been wondering what my blogpals have been up to. I've been planning all sorts of internetic compositions. But time and space have precluded my involvement in such japes.

And on that defeatest note, I'm off to collapse in front of Ross on the box. Pyjama pyjama.

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