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[ Tuesday, April 18, 2006 ]

Apple Crumble
Stuart [21:02] Comments: 3 []
Stu here, checking in. My evening postings always coincide with itunes updating, so this one is INCREDIBLY ironical. (I know "ironical" is incorrect)

I took my ipod away for the weekend, to see my mother in law, as she needs to see regular enlargement of my lovely wife's tummy (there - I have sneakily snuck in that we are pregnant without making a huge song and St Vitus dance about it).

ANYWAY so my ipod screwed up. I was getting the unhappy face icon and the folder/exclamation mark icon. The hard drive kept speeding up, dying, clicking, speeding up, dying, clicking etc. I worked out last night via the interweb that this meant "your hard drive is buggered".

SO I went to the Apple store on Regents Street. I felt old because I did not understand the queuing system and it made me angry. For the uninitiated they have a "Genius Bar". This means to the layman a counter where nice people either (a) stand around chatting or occasionally (b) help people with their techy problems. I had to queue for 20 minutes to see someone to make an appointment for the afternoon. Oh joy. (PS if anyone at Apple was bothered - which indeed they may not be - see later - they might consider what kind of advert an enormous queue of people, constantly, for so long as the shop is open, around the place where they try to get their Apple equipment fixed, is)

SO I traipse back at 4. See a nice bloke. I explain the problem. He tells me the hard drive is buggered (I know this) and that I am out of warranty (I know this). He gives me 3 "options":

1.Get it repaired by a non Apple person. A cursory look on the internet tells me this costs around £150.
2. Get Apple to replace my ipod (the now redundant 40g black and white fella) for £160.
3. Hand in my old one and pay either £219 for a 30g colour one or £300 for a 60g colour one.

OOH I think, well sir, I ask, how much are those at option 3 usually? he gives me a funny look and says £219 or £300...

I see. So, what about Apple repairing them? No sir that takes too long so we don't do that.

RIGHT then - I now have the measure of you and the longevity of your products. What a "choice" that is - get a probably 2nd hand replacement of an obsolete model or pay an extra hundred for the new one...

ANYWAY the upshot is that I did some searching on the web and this one bloke suggested, and I kid you not, that when the hard drive does the initial whirring as it starts, you WHACK it hard and that sorts it out. I tried that and hey presto all back to rights.

My allocated "Genius" missed a trick.

On another happy note I have recently been given a PSP and it's BRILLIANT.

3 Comment(s):

Comment by Blogger Starbuck, at April 18, 2006 10:06 pm  :

Ooh, get you!

Not only are you soon to be with child (queue Jello Biafra in his LARD days screaming "Mate, Spawn, And Die"), but you've gotten yourself a fixed-broken ipod AND a spanking new PSP.

That and you still have time to whack it hard now and again ;-)

Comment by Anonymous Anonymous, at April 21, 2006 10:00 pm  :

Do you not think that you missed a couple of obvious points here? One, that the Regent Street Store is a flagship Apple Store and it's one of the busiest Stores in the World, of course you will have to wait to see someone and that's why there are so many people queing up. Also, don't you think that if the Genius told you to whack it it's not the best answer he could of given you? Of course he's not going to tell you to do that, duh!!

Comment by Blogger Stuart, at April 24, 2006 10:53 am  :

Obvious point one - my comment was clearly more one of general exasperation than anything else.

Obvious point two - I would have been very pleased had he suggested that and to my mind it would have been the "best answer", yes. Certainly better than suggesting I throw mine away and buy a new one, duh!

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